Tube Call
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Tube Call

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You are looking at a custom tube calls.  These calls havebeen using various woods and various finishes.  Tube calls are one of the most versatile turkey calls available to the turkey hunter. This call can reproduce any sound that the hen or gobbler makes.  This type of call is a little more difficult to use than a box or pot call however it has great results.  With each tube call comes with a latex* reed and one "o" ring.  All GCC calls are made one at a time with no CNC or duplicators.  This Tube Call is unique and is approximately 3 inches long and 1 1/2 at bell. 

*Some people are allergic to latex.  If you are allergic to latex do not use this type of call.

Wood Species                 Various   

Call Length:                   Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 inches

Call Bore Diameter      1 inch to  1 1/2 inches

Reeds:                            Latex

Reed Holder:                  1" Diameter O-Ring (#10 rubber bands work as well- not included)

Wood Finish:                Glossy Finish, matte finish

Lanyard:                       Para type Nylon Cord.

Remember:  The Lanyard is made from military grade para cord. It is much stronger than it looks, be careful not to climb with this around your neck. Don’t need anyone to hang themselves..  Please remember be safe out there dead hunters make lousy customers.

* Note. Added at no cost is an extra o ring and an extra piece of Latex reed material.  Latex does deteriorate over time so store in an airtight container preferable out of sunlight.  You can cut up and use latex gloves for reeds if you are not able to find any. Changing the tension on the reed in the call does affect the sound. So you just remove the o ring and change the ‘stretch

Again, thanks for your business and if you need anything feel free to contact me at the email or msg me on Facebook also check us out on Facebook at Greenlee Custom Calls for most updated info and news.