Shotgun shell Duck whistle (exotic woods)
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Shotgun shell Duck whistle (exotic woods)

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These are custom, Wood Duck Calls made from variety of domestic, exotic and stabalized woods. They are one of a kind Unique call.  Custom made by myself on the lathe one at a time and no cncs.  The calls measures approximately 2 5/8 to 3 inches long, 7/8 inch wide and has an Glossy finish, or Tru Oil finish, made to be hunted.  The call is constructed witha spent 12 Gauge Shot  Shell. This call resembles a Shotgun Shell and will actually load in a 12 gauge shotgun, be careful it will not fire and may cause the gun to jam!!  This call will make those wood ducks come whistling into the decoys.  Extremely easy to use.

Why use the same old production calls that all the other hunters are using. Get yourself a one-of-a-kind call that will make you the envy of all your hunting buddies and bring more ducks into your swamp or pothole blinds.