North Carolina River Cane Yelpers
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North Carolina River Cane Yelpers

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This is a custom River Cane Yelper made from North Carolina River Cane.  The Cane was harvested in Sampson County NC in 2016 and dried.  The lip stop is a modified  bead that is adjustable for the hunter. You can move the lip stop up and down to accommodate individual users.The lip stop is not required but it does give the hunter a constant location for playing.  . The finish on this call is a paste wax, so to keep the cane from drying and cracking over a long period of time I suggest to wipe it down with a paste wax after each season. This call comes with a custom Para cord Lanyard with another custom modified bone bead. All yelpers are Dated and Singned by maker.

With a history that dates back nearly 2000 years, the yelper (also known as a turkey trumpet) is probably the most effective call to use during spring turkey season for bringing in the mature long-bearded Toms.  This is a custom design.  There is little reason to wonder why we cannot make these calls fast enough.  This is a unique call that comes with a custom call lanyard with custom turned bead.  A River Can yelper is one of the most versatile turkey calls available to the turkey hunter. This call can reproduce any sound that the hen or gobbler makes.  This type of call is a little more difficult to use than a box or pot call however it has great results.  

I am retired military and have been making game calls for about 15 years.  Greenlee Custom Calls offers are built out of a mixture of exotic and domestic wood producing some outstanding looking and sounding calls. You won't be disappointed in the quality and workmanship that goes into each and every single custom call.

Remember:  The Lanyard is made from military grade para cord. It is much stronger than it looks, be careful not to climb with this around your neck. Don’t need anyone to hang themselves.  Please remember be safe out there dead hunters make lousy customers.