Mesquite Ceramic Over Glass
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Mesquite Ceramic Over Glass

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This is a custom pot call made out of Figured Texas Mesquite with Ceramic playing surface and Glass sound board.  This his call was individually made by me.  It was tuned to achieve just the right sound that turkey responds to.

These calls make a perfect purr, yelp, fly down cackle, and all the other sounds made by a hen to bring the gobblers in close.    

For the new turkey caller, and for many veterans, nothing has more turkey in it than a pot style call. Generically known as a friction call, or simply (regardless of the surface) as a slate, they are very simple to use, simple to control and very basic to understand. This call will also come with a custom one piece striker, specifically picked for this pot call.

A custom one piece striker will come with this call. . I will choose the striker based on which sounds the best, unless buyer has a preference.

I am retired military and have been making game calls for about 15 years.  If you are looking for something or just have questions feel fee to email me.