Acorn Style Squirrel Calls Small Bellows
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Acorn Style Squirrel Calls Small Bellows

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This is a custom Acorn Shaped Squirrel call made from domestic and exotic woods . The call was handcrafted by myself.  These barkers are hard to beat. You can also work the bellows to imitate a wide variety of barks, yelps, and chitters. The call produces a quality sound and will surely get those bushy tails interested. This call is designed to look like a white oak acorn for pure looks, I can make them in a variety of designs just thought a nut would be great for a squirrel call.  The bellows are secured onto the call with a groove and a small zip tie. There are numerous ways to play this call to shaking it by grasping the bellows, or just taping the top of the bellows to produce realistic bark calls. The calls can be used on all types of squirrels, from Fox squirrels to Grey’s.   I have even heard of hunters using these calls to predator hunt but have never tried it.  Email if you have any questions.   The Large Bellows (Far Right in Pic) are listed separately,